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Six Steps To Preventing Identity Fraud

Electronic identity theft is rampant but experts say there are some important steps that every consumer can take to safeguard their identity.



Anyone with internet access – in any country – now has access to your signature, social security number, home address, bank information, and other sensitive information located in your county’s  records!

You Should Know:

Identity thieves, stalkers and terrorists are accessing information provided by your county over the Internet.

  • Identity theft exceeded drug trafficking as the number one crime in America in 2005.

  • Terrorist training manuals state they receive 80% of the information they need through the public records.

  • Shredding your documents and monitoring your credit will not protect you when those documents are available on County websites.

Four easy steps to protecting yourself and your community.

  1. Find out what information your county website is publishing about you and  demand they remove it immediately. Ask a volunteer FindMyID.com expert for help.

  2. Petition for legislation that will prevent your government from publishing your documents over the Internet without your consent.

  3. Inform your friends about what the county website tells about them and what they can do about it. Send this page to a friend.

  4. Stay Informed - Learn what others are doing to protect you and how you can protect your community. Register for the free Newsletter



How Criminals Use Online County Records

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